The clock tower strikes thirteen, where a church used to stand.
Since the slaughter of the Holy Wars, religion has been banned.
Against gender-crime, it was decreed: all (the) sexes are the same.
A sea of dreary dungarees address each other plain “comrade”.

When your offspring love and serve, the deep State.
When you can’t find the words to, communicate.
You are ordered when and where to, express your hate.
Welcome to the nightmare, we’re just running somewhat late

(Welcome to) 1984

Educated to know nothing, heads devoid of all views.
No one dare contradict Big-Media news.
Sweet dystopia! Double-plus good! Eternal war against “terror”.
“One Party” keeping dumb proles safe, the perfect blameless oppressor.

When you daren’t talk to strangers, in the room.
When your children spy and report, your every move.
When you’ve literally nothing, left to lose.
Welcome to the nightmare, we’re just a little overdue.



When laws defend the lawless, plutocrats.
Corporations control free speech, in point of fact,
life’s dictated by the dead hand, of the past.
Welcome to the nightmare, the New World Order, at last!

©23.9.2015 Andrew Robert Chapman

Against gender-hate, it was decreed: all sexes are the same.
Corporations throttle free speech, and middle-class.
Mass regurgitation, Big-Media’s news.
Rote regurgitating, Big-Media’s news.
When laws defend the lawless, ruling class.
The old school boy network’s, havin’ a laugh/spankin’ your ass.

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