Obviously the song is based on Orwell’s masterpiece of the same name and it is interesting to see that even the BBC is open to the narrative that the grim, dystopian world of Orwell’s imagination has arrived jus a few decades later than he predicted.
Orwell’s book starts with the line: “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen” and so what better way to start the song than with a clock striking 13.
The first verse also manages to describe a world where religion, a major cause of human suffering, but also control, (see “Keep ’em Poor“) throughout the ages, has been banned and, in order to solve any gender differences, everyone dresses uniformly in dull worker’s dungarees/boiler suits and refer to eachother as comrade.
The pre chorus lists a sequence of axioms and maxims which imply that the horror of the dystopian future is actually now and not 1984.
Not being able to find the words to communicate was a problem in Orwell’s vision, because a governmental department devoted its time and efforts to removing words from the dictionary (“The destruction of words is a beautiful thing”). This is actually happening here and now under the guise of being inoffensive, words are being removed from the vocabulary but, in a manner more sinister than a government issued dictionary, today people are self censoring their use of words.
The second verse moves on to describe State education which, retrospectively, even when I went to school, many decades ago, was heavily biased (we are the good guys) and select (no education about (fiat) money, usury, taxes, debt, etc.). Effectively an indoctrination.
In the same manner as big-brother informs the poplace of “world” events, so too today do a select (just 6 corporations owning 90% of “news” outlets) group of very rich people control what news the poplace consumes. These reports are consumed as fact and never questioned, although (currently) the internet allows interrogation of the State line, the closing down of various alternative voices began in earnest in 2018.
The second pre chorus moves on to the state of perpetual fear free thinking people live with in a socialist/communist State. Unable to trust any soul, knowing every move can be followed and traced with ease, when even possesions are a thing of the past.
When laws only apply to the man on the street, when corporations (think modern day FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, (which are not independent, but arms of the U.S. State) have so much power, that they choose what to ban and censor.
When your miserable dystopian life now is, in fact, a result of inaction in previous years when revolution and change would have been possible.
Accept your fate. Accept the “new world order”.

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