Venonmous fascination. Blindin’ me with her liquid love.
Deity adoration. Mercurial but a taste’s too much!
Heart-beatin’ palpitation(s). Feel her touch can’t get enough.
Hot-blooded reputation. Firebrand gonna burn you up.

Hot molten metal: (Quicksilver)
Drippin’ down on me.
Hot molten metal: (Quicksilver)
Slowly killin’ me.

Steal under your skin and poison your blood.
(poison) She’s looks so good.

Vindictive inclination. Chew you up and spit you out.
Hazardous heavy metal. Playin’ way too fast and loud.
Mess you up, numbed your senses. Tell yourself it was worth your while.
… It only hurts when you smile.

Temperamental – ‘n’ quick on the trigger


Slippin’ thru your fingers like the sands of time.
(slippin’) (She’s) a sex crime.

©9.7.2015 Andrew Robert Chapman

Heart-beatin’ palpitation(s). Just a touch ain’t never enough.
Heart-beat palpitation(s). x x x x she can’t get enough.
Heart-beat palpitation(s). Slip ‘n’ basque – but likes it rough.
Can’t get enough – hot love.
Slip ‘n’ basque – comin’ on tough.
Red-hot domination. Firebrand gonna burn you up.
Hot-Blooded – inclination.
She looks so good.
Gold dust but hazardous!
Red-hot mercurial.
Steal under your skin and into your blood.
(She’s) rare and hazardous!
She’s unforgettable.

She’s a slip of a thing – she doesn’t walk, she glides.
Slippery – inclination.
Gotta silver-tongue – ‘n’ as bright as the sun shines. She’ll:
steal up on you,
steal the thunder,
steal your heart,
pillage and plunder!
You know your playing with fire,
but if you catch her eye, it’s well worth (your) while.
You gotta tiger by the tail.
Try to hang on tight, but if all else fails:
You can go at one another tooth and nail! (one last time)

Says’er name’s Quicksilver – (Quicksilver)
Hazardous and deadly – Quicksilver
Hi ho Quicksilver – away
Hot molten metal: Melt and burn!
Hot molten metal: Triple X girl!
Hot heavy metal: Miss Quicksilver!
She plays fast and loose – makes the world go round.
She’s fickle and flighty – always up and down.
You ain’t gotta hold: She slips through your fingers.
Hold on tight ‘cos the ride will be rough/tough/good.
Blowin’ like a hurricane!
If she blows your way you’ll never be the same.
‘n’ just like the wind, she can’t be caged.
She’s hot. Mercurial.
She’s gonna change your life, she’s raptorial.
Like a fire-brand – she’s unforgettable.
Red-hot. Mercurial.
She’s a firebrand, she’s raptorial.
Leave you scarred to the heart – she’s unforgettable.

Alias Quicksilver – (Quicksilver)
Softly she glides.
Alias Quicksilver – (Quicksilver)
Silently slides.

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