The lyrics to this song were written to fit a guitar melody.
The words started out with the first line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caeser, which set the form and metre of the verses and also gave the song its title.
The rest of the lyrics were largely borrowed from Shakespeare, the bible and any holes were filled in by myself.

Cry Havoc! Let slip, the dogs of war!

Shakespeare’s Julius Caeser. “Cry havoc” is an archaic military order and effectively instructs the victorious troops to go on a rampage. To loot, pillage and rape as reward for their efforts in the battle.

No one is innocent! Kill ’em all!

“No one is innocent!” is borrowed from the Sex Pistols.
“Kill ’em all!” is borrowed from Metallica.

Figureheads, breakin’ bread, with Babylon’s whore.

A figurehead is a leader in name only, without real power. A puppet.
To break bread is to affirm trust, confidence, and comfort with an individual or group of people. Breaking bread has a notation of friendliness and informality, derived from the original, biblical, meaning regarding sharing the loaf.
Babylon’s whore, or Whore of Babylon, a symbolic female figure and also place of evil mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Her full title is stated in Revelation 17:5 as Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth.

The Gods weep, like dumb sheep the goyim fall.

The Gods weep is something I thought of and liked. It was actually removed for a short period, but I didn’t like the replacement line and was pretty taken with the imagery from Gods weeping”. When I googled the line I stumbled across little known books and songs which use the line.
dumb sheep is a reference to the population. Purposefully ill educated and all bleating the same opinion, hammered into their minds from controlled sources (schools and TV) instead of thinking independently. The perfect, controllable beast which marches to the slaughterhouse/battlefield with the rest of the herd. Just what our “elite” leaders like.
goyim: a Jewish word for a non-Jewish person.
Fall: As in “to fall/fell in battle”.

Hang out our banners, on the outer walls.

Stolen from Shakespeare’s Macbeth “Hang out our banners on the outward walls. … Hang our flags on the outer walls.”

Bloodthirsty brothers (kiss). Kiss my sword.

Kiss the sword: The highest form of confirming an oath or ones loyalty.

Hold the line! Have no fear! No remorse.
So shall we, ever be, with the Lord.

Stolen from the bible’s Thessalonians.

Once more, unto the breach, my friends once more.

Borrowed from Shakespeare’s Henry V.

Cannons spittin’ furious Hell’s wrath forth.
Hades waits, by the Styx, Cerberus roars.

Hades: The Greek God and realm under the earth and home to dead souls.
Styx: a river that forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld, often called “Hades”

Cry Havoc! Let slip, the dogs of war!

Run with the dogs, run with the hounds.
We’re going to war! (goin’ to war) :||4

Cry Havoc! Let slip, the dogs of war!

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