White Privilege

You’ve had way too little sleep, got too much on your mind,
drag yourself up out of bed to start another daily grind.
At this ungodly hour you’d think no-one would be around,
but the roads are full of traffic – all city bound.
Each tiny, shiny box traps a tired tormented soul,
most sit like lifeless zombies, some rage out of control.
After one hour’s isolation you toil/slave another eight
with strangers whom you dislike while the State steals half your pay!
Your iso-cube awaiting for the rush hour crawl back home,
exhausted you arrive but you never felt so alone.
Your wife and kids estranged and demanding ever more,
got you drowning deep in debt but no-one cares at all.
Too late again for dinner, so you share it with the dog,
and you almost feel like cryin’, what the fuckin’ hell went wrong!?
Your kids glued to their “smart” phones, are dumbed-down brain dead fools,
and, though you love ’em dearly, none of them look like you (cuckoo).
Your-wife greets you with a grunt, it’s all downhill from there:
Can’t do no right for wrong, and if you did she wouldn’t care.
The girl you married long gone, with her the fun and games,
no more love letters just reminders of bills that must be paid.
Pale and gaunt your face reflecting how many years you’ve still to graft,
will your pittance of a pension pay off your overdraft?
All those wasted years behind you, how unjust your life unfurled.
Kinda ironic when you think back how you were going ta ‘change the world’.
On the “news” a horde of protesters, well-dressed and time to spare,
decry their wretched dilemma, demand free shit! It’s-only fair!
Politicians you didn’t vote for, rush to remove your rights:
Time to end your life of Riley ‘cos you’re privileged and white.

©30.10.2017 Andrew Robert Chapman

Each shiny coloured cage traps a tired tormented soul,
Each little shiny box traps a tired tormented soul,
Your kids were force fed “TV”, are dumbed-down brain dead fools,
all your letters are reminders of the bills that must be paid.

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