Texas Hold ’em

She holds ’em like in Texas, with a low-down poker-stare.
The chips are stacked against me, but it’s late an’ I don’t care.
We both know I’ll go all in, it’s a risk I gotta take.
There’s sweet honey in that pot ‘n’ I’m not talkin’ ’bout the stake.

Aces high, read ’em an’ weep.
Dead-man’s hand playin’ for keeps.

Texas hold-’em.

Word out on the dusty street, this game can change your life.
One man’s got too much to lose, gonna put things back to right.
Another thinks he’s got a plan, bought a knife to a gunfight.

Two in the hole, playin’ blind.
Bet the ranch and my dear, dear wife.




©29.9.2020 Andrew Robert Chapman

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