Bankers’ Wars

Corporate wars
Financial wars
Science wars – CO2 – Photosynthesis
Elite wars
Religious wars

Monsato killed the honey bees.
The honey bees.
The honey bees.
Killed the bees which worked for free.
No more honey for thee.

All our wars are bankers’ wars.
Bankers’ wars.
Bankers’ wars.
Money flows and goyim fall.
Huge debt for endless war.

“They”‘re taxing the very air we breathe!
Air we breathe.
Air we breathe.
Sponsored science lies and deceit,
suffocatin’ plants an’ trees.

Kids groomed an’ enslaved by the “Elite”.
Blackmail tapes on Epstein’s isle:
baby-rape retreat.

Where’s your God in this shitstorm?
This shitstorm.
This shitstorm.
Workin’ mysterious high above?
Ineffable His love.

©2.6.2016 Andrew Robert Chapman

Out of the way on Epstein’s isle:
No more honey for me.
Money flows and young men fall.
Kids groomed and raped by the “Elite”.
Destroying helpless souls lives,
exclusive virgin meat.
exclusive virgin meat.
wars waged for a fee.
No war waged for free.
Sponsored science makes you believe,

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