Gas Chamber

It started with a whisper, now their shout’s a pious roar!
Media “experts” repeating, that “the End” lies at our door.
All dead in a mere eight years, same speech since I bin alive.
An ice-age, no a melt-age! But the weather is just fine.

Science based on decades, on Earth as old as time,
overlookin’ facts and truths, to fix financial crime.
We’ve had our war on terror, now we have to fight the air,
keep the military fired up, but tax the pleb for his “fair share”.

Climatologists need their fundin’, just like the state and church,
white lies for the good of the many, a shame dissenters can’t be burned!
After years of crying wolf, it’s time to play the child card,
send in a mental defective, and push “her” agenda hard.

A Marvelesque superhero, who can literally SEE CO2!
Enough are brain-dead stupid, and it’s another day off school!
Remember, in this shit-show, who sits conversing with the rich,
only sits there ‘cos they’re useful. Useful idiots, that is.

Our planners are goin’ all in, the stakes are being raised.
Finally found a way to tax, the very air we breathe!
It all boils down to control, stop the black sheep in their tracks,
decry them as sub-human, and send them packin’ to be gassed.

©26.9.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

All dead in a mere eight years, same speech since ’65.

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