The Barber’s Cat

Like a never-endin’ story, seek the elixir of life,
doomed to dismal failure, do or die, try as you might.
Travel high, low, far an’ wide, always right before your eyes,
the last place that you look, your gonna always find.
A shit-list of commandments, from the barber’s cat
to keep the proles in place, don’t do this, nor that!
Orchestrated dominance, guides with iron fist,
Peer pressure from all sides, tight chains around your wrist.
Born into blind servitude, name and number like a POW.
Tiltin’ your life at windmills, never time for here an’ now!

©10.10.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

Tiltin’ your life at windmills, never in/live the here an’ now!
pulling the strings and wool/chains.
doomed to dismal failure, try an’ try, try as you might.

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