What If

What if: You knew your timeline, could see the end of your song?
What if: You knew in a year or two you’d be dead and gone?
What if: Would that were true, would you be doing the very same thing?
What if? Would you die happy? What if? It makes you think!
What if: You turned off the TV and turned on your brain?
What if: All your Facebook “friends” also did the same?
What if: You laid down your weapons and spoke up for peace?
What if: You paid down your debts and no longer feed the Beast?
What if: You stopped being angry at the little things tearing you up?
What if: You smiled at complete strangers and the ones you love?
What if: You knew you made a difference and could change the world?
What if: You didn’t waste another minute of the greatest gift there is/: Your birth?
“What if?”, it’s a great question to which there’s no right or wrong. But
What if: You started to change (yourself) at the end of this song?

©1.2.2016 Andrew Robert Chapman

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