It’s the last voice in my mind, which I hear.
The first voice wakin’ me (up), year after year.
An obsession in my soul, with each heart beat
my whole body shakes and jerks, as I scream.

A five cent bullet or a blade,
the quickest way to escape:
I gotta quit, my


Sinkin’ ever lower in degradation,
silently I cry pathetic for redemption.
Too weak to carry on under this pressure,
too proud to take the hand of my saviour.



How easily we stray – from the beaten path.
Tempted by poisonous lies.
Blinded to rhyme and reason, the coming aftermath.
destruction of our lives.

Loud ticking of the clockwork: in my head,
Counts down what little time, I have left.



©23.8.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

my whole body screams and shouts, like a banshee!
Sucking like a x black hole
Counts down the time left x x till I’m dead.

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