After Saturday Comes Sunday

Exotic script. scrawled on a wall,
A call to arms, for bloody war.
Preachin’ loud-and-clear, eradicate
the infidel, maim, kill and rape!

An icy wind freezes the blood,
as evil stalks the pure and good

After Saturday comes Sunday.

All is forgiven, in religion’s zest,
infiltrate, poison the West.
Slow and sure, spread word and seed,
or absolution quick with deadly deed.



©15.4.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

An icy wind chills the bone
guiltless good neighbourhood/good
The icy wind blows,
evil this way comes:

With Janus face, deceit laudable,
crocodile tears flow, rue/regret inaudible.
In foreign tongues. imams incite:
till foe is chained, convert or smite,

In foreign script. scrawled on a wall,
With Janus face, lies are laudable,

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