Pretty prick-teaser got me bleedin’ cash,
on a lick and a promise, I’m gettin’ nowhere fast.
Before I smash the buffers, ‘fore I crash and burn,
gonna get a substitute, ‘cos there’s one thing that I’ve learned:

Don’t need no dead-end spade work,
lead/walks down the garden path.
I don’t care what comes tomorrow,
bring on the aftermath!


She’s rough as nails and twice as hard.
A whole lotta trouble, a load of bruised and scarred.
Don’t need love nor money, don’t need no weddin’ band.
I need satisfaction, a quick ‘n’ dirty one night stand.

Don’t need no conversation,
no rings of gold nor cash.
I’m thinkin’ with my acorn/pecker
not about the aftermath!


©21.8.2015 Andrew Robert Chapman

She’s every man’s wet-dream; she’s so precious and rare.
A whole lotta trouble, a band hand of cards.
I’m thinkin’ ’bout the moment,

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