One Track {lewd}

(to AC/DC’s score: Rocker)

A sexy angel with the name of Nell
fell from heaven, to raise all hell.
Body of Venus, but there’s one catch,
she’s a prick tease boys, it’s a real sad fact.
She gets you hot, but she stay’s ice cool,
get you acting like a God damn fool!

Got long, long legs, hour-glass waist,
got to cum on her pretty face

Nelly. Nelly! Babe you drive me crazy!

Got a hold-tight-ass, grab-and-pull-me hair,
deep brown eye sultry sexy stares


Got kiss-me lips, playboy tits,
gyrating, shaking shimmy-hips

Nelly. Nelly! Tease and please me baby!

Yeah Nelly, Nelly, and tell me I’m your man.

Oh yeah, come on!

Nelly, you’re a Goddess.
Nelly, divine temptress.
Nelly, you’re a diva.
Nelly, gotta see ya.
Nelly, just please me.
Please, please me.

Nelly, you’re my wet dream.
Nelly, best girl I’ve seen.
Nelly, with whipped cream.
Nelly, I’ll make ya scream.
Nelly, just please me.
Please, please me.

Wanna try me honey?
Come on.
Cover you in MY cream.
O yeah, yeah!
Gotta have you Nelly.
No other.
Just you babe.
Lemme give ya ma bone.

©19.11.2010 Andrew Robert Chapman

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