Programming SAS With Busch

(to AC/DC’s score: Beating around the bush)

“I’ll have it ready for tonight.”
How you’ve kept on tellin’ us all those lies.
How’d you expect us to believe?
Adi we ain’t that naive!
Now we got our eyes on you.
Cause you do none o’ the things we ask you to.
Stop makin’ false promises!
We ain’t that wet behind the ears.

You can hack what you like, but it’s never, ever right.
Stayin’ late every night.
Programming SAS like Busch.

No one knows what’s on your mind.
All those bugs you’ve got to find.
Many a night spent all alone
Days talkin’ on the telephone
Trying to make the next release
Givin’ it some elbow-grease
Changing MACROs night and day
But if they’ll work you can’t say

Four weeks work, with your Formats,
and all for the cats!
Programming SAS like Busch.

You’re the biggest blagger we’ve ever known
Your SAS programs cause overload
Not sure what work you’ve done before
“You’ve done it all”: Yeah, for sure!
Bosses keep givin’ ya one more chance
Much to our ann-oy-ance.
Tell you daily, what you’ve to do
But you still ain’t got a clue

Y’ don’t know JCL, or z/OS very well
but that can go to hell.
Programming SAS like Busch.

No OPC, plan ’bout t’FI,
God please spare me!
From programming SAS with Busch.

©19.11.2010 Andrew Robert Chapman

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