A male contemplates his situation after a heavy lover’s tiff but who, by the song’s end, is enchanted back to his partner.

Wo-rds sh-arper than sha-rds of gl-ass.
Hurting words of a lover’s tiff.
My lo-veless he-art left co-ld and sla-shed.

Keep your distance! The-damage you’ve done – my patience pushed beyond the pale!
You’re on your own, babe! I’ve had my fill – sick-and-tired of playing games your way.

Playin’ games your way. Time to start – playing – sick – games my way!

Flu-shed awa-y like s-o much sh-it.
I ca-n’t be-lieve how you to-ok the pi-ss.

Keep your distance! Once bitten, twice shy – how you blind me with your bedroom eyes.
Broke my resistance – the way you flash your smile – just got to give you one more try.

One more ride, that’s right! Don’t be shy, you know I pack a big sur-pr-ise. Don’t be shy. Unwrap your pr-i-ze. Give it a t-r-y. Yeah your big bedroom eyes. OH! Bite the bullet!

Ti-me and bo-oze heal a-ll love’s wo-unds.
Li-ne ’em u-p and drink to this fo-ol.

So don’t keep your distance! Move in real close! Shake what you got – I like your style.
Gonna go the distance! Goin’ all the way. You win hands down babe, by a mile.

Make me s-m-i-l-e.

©2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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