Keep Your Distance (Original)

(Your) wo-rds cut sh-arp like sha-rds of gl-ass (it’s over?)
My lo-veless he-art left co-ld and sla-shed.

Keep your distance! Don’t even think of making up – keep yourself at bay!
You’re on your own, babe! I’ve had more than my fill – sick-and-tired of playing games your way.

Time to start playing sick games my way!

(Lust/Love) flu-shed awa-y like s-o much sh-it.
(I) ca-n’t be-lieve how you to-ok the pi-ss (out of me!)

Keep your distance! Once bitten, twice shy – but blind me with your bedroom eyes.
Broke my resistance – at least I tried. You know I pack a big surpr-ise. (That’s right!)

Don’t be shy – unwrap your pr-i-ze. One size fits a-ll. Give it a t-r-y. We’re away. But those big bedroom eyes. Yeah bite the bullet!

Ti-me and bo-oze heal a-ll love’s wo-unds (so they say).
Li-ne ’em u-p I’ll pl-ay love’s/your fo-ol.

Keep your distance! Hold it right there! Shake all you got – comin’ hard and fast.
Gonna go the distance! Gonna go all the way. Babe we’re gonna make it. You’re gonna take it. (Up your ass.)

Take it slow. Take it fast.

©29.5.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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