Marchin’ In

Uncle Sam wants you heroes,
the Land of the free must fight its foes.
For democracy young GI Joes, deal Death’s blows.

We’re marchin’ in. We’re marchin’ in.

Brothers in arms in foreign climes.
God knows where and fuck knows why! [/ and don’t ask why.]
We’re here because we’re here to fight.


Our battlecry.


Help make the world a better/peaceful place:
Blow away some stranger’s fate/face/faith
all bought and paid for by the State and your tax rate [/ with the tax you pay.]


ALPHA BRAVO! Lock ‘n’ load!
Suppressing fire in the kill zone!
Head to head. Heads up! Fire! Fire in the hole!


Pineapple a day. Blow you away. So have a nice day, ‘cos we’re marchin’ in.
Ali Baba’s AWR. Call up TAC-AIR, ‘cos we’re marchin’ in.
Screams of the wounded, cries of the dying, leave no man behind, ‘cos we’re marchin’ in.
If I should die, think this of me: (He) who dares wins and we’re marchin’ I……..N.

Forever burned the horrors we saw:
Blood, death and pain; slaughter and gore;
the things we did … but all’s fair in war – yeah, well this is war:


Piles of arms, limbs and dog-tags,
unmarked graves and body bags.
Weighted coffins draped in our National flags.


We’ve done our bit, the best we can,
for King and country, an’ old Uncle Sam.
Our leaders back home with young men’s blood on their hands: don’t give a damn.


©22.10.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

For democracy young GI Joes, will deal the blows.

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