Alternate (unfinished) Lyrics

Can you hear the drums and pipes, in some far off land?
Can you feel your x x breathin’, will they understand.
Can you see the death ‘n’ gory river run blood red.
Looks like we’ll not be back for Christmas, like the Generals said.

We’re here because we’re here of course
to fight and kill and maim.
While we secure democracy,
the politicians carry on the same.

The night sky lights up, like a thousand suns
burned, barren earth ploughed deep and scarred.
Bullets fill the air, blood red-rivers run,
As we fight for every yard. Yeah we’re

(Marchin’ in.) Marchin’ in – to certain death.
(Marchin’ in.) Marchin’ in –

Business men’s Janus smile, behind both the lines, watching their money roll-in.
Young Mothers’ sons lying, lifeless or dying, can’t fight the enemy within.
Their generals talk, of how bravely they fought, whilst planning the next wholesale kill/bloody fight.
Politicians debate/orate, in a one-party State, the voice of democracy still.

(Marchin’ in.) Marchin’ in – to war.
(Marchin’ in.) Marchin’ in –

©13.11.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

Young men answer the call, ‘ blood must flow,

The business men smile, far behind the lines, counting their money roll-in.
The mothers’ sons lie, lifeless with guns, know who the enemy is/within.

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