Our leaders back home without a (fuckin’) plan: don’t give a damn.
Pack up your kit bag and your woes.
Pack up your kit bag and off we go.
Our battle-cry – it’s do or die,
For God knows what our battle-cry.
for God knows what, but don’t ask why.
Blindly follow orders, don’t ask why.
Uncle Sam needs you Joes,
sign up now, become heroes.
not ours to reason and don’t ask why.
Instil the fear of God with our battle-cry.
Enemy’s sighted, lock and load
Active defence, lock ‘n’ load.
Airborne shuffle, go! Go! Go!
Pick your targets, blood will flow.
Zone of fire, blood will flow.
open fire and down they go.
Hear us shout our battle-cry.
Uncle Sam needs new heroes,
sign up now to/for GI Joes.
We’re here to do, we’re here to die.
Never forget the sights we saw:
Uncle Sam needs you Joes,
sign up now. GI heroes,
FFE in the kill zone,
special forces ‘n’ GI Joes,
saddle-up! Go! Go! GO!
Never forget, horrors we saw:
‘n’ those back home don’t give a, don’t give a damn.
Etched and burned the horrors we saw:
We’re here because: We’re here to fight – to fight or die.
Unspeakable are the horrors we saw:
Help make the world a better place:
all bought and paid for by the by the State. Well ain’t that great!
If I should die, think this of me: Who cares who wins? ’cos we’re marchin’ I……..N.
the things we did, but this is war – and all’s fair in war.
Inhuman horrors that we saw:
Don’t miss the fun! You GI Joes. Don’t miss the boat!
for King and country, for Uncle Sam.
Unspeakable horrors that we saw:
©13.11.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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