Notes – Technical

the employment of limited offensive action and counterattacks to deny a contested area or position to the enemy; compare PASSIVE DEFENSE, ATTACK.

AD :
Active Duty. Also, Air Division. Also, Armor(-ed) Division.

a gliding walk, without lifting the feet, toward the exit of an aircraft in flight, when the JUMPMASTER directs the PARATROOPERs to jump above the DZ; this sliding gait is used to improve security and sustain balance on an unstable cargo DECK, and to avoid tripping or stumbling during the crucial interval between HOOKUP and jumping; see GANG BANG, HANG TOUGH, ABN, PARACHUTE. Also, slang for the moderately paced jog of several miles duration that AIRBORNE units perform as a routine part of daily EXERCISE; see TRUSCOTT TROT, PT, PFT, DAILY DOZEN, FRONT LEANING REST, OBSTACLE COURSE, MARATHON, BIATHLON, TRIATHLON, PENTATHLON, DECATHLON. Also, informal expression, by extension of the jogging formation, for the tempo when an individual hurries his walking pace or slows from a running pace; to scuff, shamble, or scramble.

a chemical (2378TCBD) defoliant and herbicide containing Dioxin, widely used in Vietnam from 1965 around BASE CAMPs and infiltration routes to deny enemy CONCEALMENT; an oil-based herbicide, being a systematic defoliant that’s effective against broadleaf vegetation, achieving maximum effect in 4-6 weeks, with a duration of approximately 12 months per application. Other formulas were designated Agent White, Agent Pink, Agent Yellow, Agent Blue, etc., with the names derived from color coding for formula identification.

USMC slang for Arabic hoodlums and looters in urban rubble during Operation Iraqi Freedom (Gulf War II); from the story of the poor woodcutter who uses the magic words “open sesame” to gain access to the treasure of the forty thieves in The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments. See RAGHEAD, ISAAC THE IRAQ, SCARAB THE ARAB, SANDY, HAJJI, MUJ, SKINNY, STREET ARAB, BAD GUYS, INSURGENT, TERRORIST, ALLAH’S WAITING ROOM. [aka: camel jockey, camel cowboy, goat roper, snake charmer, carpet pilot, rug rider, sand flea, sand monkey, sand nigger, desert darky, dune coon, tarsh, ali baba, ahab, aladdin, habib, zalama, zol] [v: Abdullah; cf: palmer (Christian)]

during the GULF WAR, slang reference to any dwelling or building that shelters Islamic rebels or TERRORISTs during a shooting bout in which they hope to provoke an Alamo-like “last stand” of glorious martyrdom that will cost more Allied lives to clear or secure, also called “AWR” or “Alfa Whiskey Romeo” … the assault force typically takes fire from such a structure, falls back, and calls ARTY or TAC-AIR onto the target, which is shortly obliterated, sending the defenders to meet their personal host of virgins in paradise. Compare SHADOW HOUSE; see RAGHEAD, ALI BABA, ISAAC THE IRAQ, SCARAB THE ARAB, MUJ, BAD GUYS, INSURGENT, TERRORIST.

slang expression for an AMBUSH.

a typical military dysphemism used to designate a close friend or trusted associate; a confidant, intimate friend, trusty companion, bosom buddy, or best pal.

after adjusting the POINT OF IMPACT, it’s a FIRE MISSION wherein all ordnance is aimed at the enemy target in continuous firing; abbreviated “FFE”.

notice, pay attention, alert, caution; used in the same sense as “Now Hear This” or “For Your Information” (FYI). See BULLETIN, DOPE, POOP, THE WORD, WRITING ON THE WALL, HOT-SHIT, BOATSWAIN’S PIPE, BUGLE CALL, TOCSIN, TANNOY; compare OLD HAT. [nb: not “head-up” as in tense/anxious, nor as a sexual signal for errections!]

being in direct confrontation or opposition; also spelled “head-to-head”. See GUNPOINT, HAIR-TRIGGER, HALF-COCKED, SABER-RATTLING, CAT AMONG THE PIGEONS, CONFLICT, STRUGGLE.

informal expression by leaders to MISSION READY and COMBAT LOADED troops that the operation is about to commence or continue, that everyone should don their GEAR and check their weapons enroute to the ASSEMBLY or departure area; also phrased as “slap a hat”. This expression is preliminary to the informal command MOVE OUT. See GOOD TO GO, UNLIMBER, LOCK ‘n’ LOAD, FAT, OP TEMPO, JUMP-START, HOOPLA, BATTAILOUS.

an area into which a designated ground unit or fire support element delivers fire support, observed or not; see IMPACT AREA, POINT OF IMPACT, DANGER CLOSE, KILL ZONE; compare DEAD SPACE.

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