Unused / Unfinished

To the victors go the spoils.
Take back the State
Pillage and rape
Tear stained telegram
…. hand/understand
Smashed young bodies, piles of dog-tags.
To those who fought, to those who fell
Whose short, young lives were living hell.
Over the top
Young men drop
… killing stop.

Business men are gettin’ rich
Politicians are talkin’ shit
Your son, your lover dying in a ditch.

… bugel call.
… got the balls.

Basic training for the corps,
learn a trade and fight a war,

Agent orange, blue and white,
awake all day, can’t sleep at night,
waiting for the fire-fight.

We’ve done our bit, the best we can,
for king and country, for Uncle Sam.
‘n’ those back home don’t give a damn.

Mud and jungles, snow and sand.
Air and sea, X X land.

X X 1984
X X war

Here they come boys, thick and fast.
Nail our colours to the mast.
Give ’em Hell, don’t let ’em pass.

Time to kill your fellow man,
collateral damage, friendly fire.
rags to riches,
mission accomplished

Don’t let me die
Under heavy crossfire
X a trip wire.

Landing zone.

Don’t have a choice,
top of my voice

Proud our colours, see ’em fly!
For God and land our battle-cry.
We’re followin’ orders, don’t ask why.

Caught in an ambush, no time to wait.
Covering fire called in too late.
Too late to fall back, and to pray.

My brothers in arms in this foreign land.
Our people back home don’t understand.
Our leaders orate “because we can”.

Just like in a film, the cavalry comes,
Air support and gattling guns

©13.11.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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