(At Her) Feet

Yeah! It’s her feet.
They’re so neat – they’re just turning me on.
Yeah! It’s her feet.
No other can compete – she can’t put a foot wrong.

My angel’s walking barefoot in the hot summer sun.
On an equal footing with my babe is no-one.
Cat-like she steps lightly, she can walk all over me.
So long as she steps barefoot then I’m happy to say;

Yeah! It’s her feet.
Both so sweet – just watch her heel and toe.
Yeah! It’s her feet.
What a sexy treat – she’s got glorious soles.

I won’t step out of line!

Put my best foot forward, don’t want to step on her toes.
She can heal my desires, all my troubles and woes.
Take all I can get now till I have to foot the bill.
She’s my weakness, my achilles, she’s my sole overkill.

Yeah! It’s her feet.
– Keeps me on my toes,
Yeah! It’s her feet.
– With her fabulous soles.
Yeah! It’s her feet.
– She has healed my grief.
Yeah! It’s her feet.
– She’s got me at her feet.

©16.5.2011 Andrew Robert Chapman

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