At The Gates

From far and wide, like locusts they come swarming.
The horde’s breachin’ the wall, so welcome them in with a smile.
Distracted and blind, y’can’t see the edifice crumblin’.
Your freedom’s stolen, and you think it was worthwhile!

She said “It’s not fair! Somebody should have warned me!”
He said “I can’t believe it wasn’t on the national news.”
(well I’ve got news for you)

Save yourselves – they’re at the gates.
Run whilst you can – they’re at the gates.
Before it’s too late – they’re at the gates.
They’re at the gates.

She didn’t see it coming, but said she had her eyes wide open.
She was up to date, and had hundreds of virtual friends.
He didn’t hear it happening, though he watched the nightly newscasts.
He knew all about football, but nothing of the coming end.



Simply divide and conquer, the oldest rule in the war-book.
So easy to see, too difficult to explain.
Blown along with the wind, caught up in the backdraft.
Go with the flow, let the leaders drink champagne



©24.6.2015 Andrew Robert Chapman

The horde’s knockin’ at the gate, so welcome them in with a smile.
Your freedom’s stolen, but at least you can go out in style.

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