Lend me your ears, I gotta cock-and-bull tale,
brings tears to m’eyes thinkin’ ’bout the detail.
I still don’t know if she was hungry or mean,
what came out of the blue ended in-a high-scream.

Her mouth like a vice gettin’ tighter ‘n’ tighter,

gonna make you squeal too: Ball biter!

Circus master head in a lion’s open jaws,
cries o’ wond’r’us awe, pullin’ the applause.
There’s never a rose without a tHorny prick,
no matter how thick-skinned, she’ll cut ya to the quick



Ever since Eve took a bite outta the apple,
woman’s lookin’ ’round f’somethin’ t’gag on.
Dancin’ an’ prancin’ like a Spanish bullfighter,
she’ll sink her teeth deep into any fly-by-nighter.



©26.6.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

eyes fulla tears thinkin’ ’bout the details.
There’s rarely a rose without a good prick,

Serene like the ocean in the Doldrums,
x x x x x mutton, dressed as lamb.
waitin’ for an’ x

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