Beggin’ For It

There’s a knock on the door,
from the law.
They say, can we come in? We bear painful news. And

her daddy cried.
Her mommy cried.
Her sisters cried.
Her brothers cried.
Her granma cried.
Her grandpa cried.
Her boyfriend cried (fade under the following)

A future as golden as her hair …
(in righteous, fascist voice of ANTIFA)
… thanks to white priviledge.
She deserved all that she got, provocative little bitch.

Don’t protest at her rapist – she was beggin’ for it.
Don’t demonstrate, you fuckin’ racist – she was beggin’ for it.
Don’t raise your voice, he’s black and poor and she was beggin’ for it.
Thank the Lord he slit her throat ‘cos she was beggin’ for it.

Innocent as snow
Bikin’ her way home.
Little did she know.
No more tomorrow(s).



©8.9.2017 Andrew Robert Chapman

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