Big Bad Dog

Big bad dog – bit the hand that fed.
Now you’re out on the street lookin’ for a new bed.

Big bad dog – I took you in as a stray.
Just for one night, now you won’t go away.

Big bad dog – bark is worse than your bite.
You’re a naughty dog, you’re a nasty sight.

Big bad dog (woof woof woof)
Big bad dog (grrrrrr)
Big bad dog (hooowwwl)
Big Bad Dog (*panting*)

Big bad dog – some say life is a bitch.
You’ve got a dog’s life though, and you’re used to it.

Big bad dog – mean as a junk yard hound.
Keep man and beast at bay from your breeding ground.

Big bad dog – You know what you’re playin’.
You look and play so rough; you make it hard on the game.


Big bad dog – got no tail for wagging,
your long tongue drools wet; you’re so good at gagging.

Big bad dog – just got one brown eye.
Winks and stares at me with your doggy style.

Big bad dog – no one likes you that much.
They say you’re ugly and mean, but they ain’t seen your crutch.

Big bad dog – you can howl and wail.
The one thing you like is a big shaggy dog tale.

Big bad dog – You’re a man’s best friend.
Big bad dog – Get it in the end.
Big bad dog – you’re so tall.
Big bad dog – you’re so naughty.
Big bad dog – you’re so ugly!
Big bad dog

©29.11.2011 Andrew Robert Chapman

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