Big Bad Dog – you chase the pussies away.
Big Bad Dog – got your teeth in a pussy.
Big Bad Dog – why you always scratching?
could be fleas or something worse that’s hatching.


Big bad dog – I took you in as a stray.
Just for one night, but now you’re there to stay.
Big bad dog – I don’t know your name.
You look and play so rough, you make it hard on the game.
Big bad dog – mean as a junk yard hound.
Got a lot of faults, but I like having you ’round.
Big bad dog – just got one brown eye.
Give me the best o’both worlds with your doggy style.
Big bad dog – bark is worse than your bite.
You’re a mean mongrel, always out for a fight. / out of sight.

barking (up the wrong tree)

Big bad dog – bite the hand that feed.
If you wanna be stroked, then learn how to heel
You don’t like to be stroked, gonna teach you to heel.
You like to be stroked, well we all got our needs.
Your big begging eyes, now you’re
I taught you to beg, I’ll take care that you stay.
You’re an ugly canine

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