Blast Off

Lucid life or dream? Packin’ a cool bankroll,
slow down the clockwork orange, fill the glory hole.
With an eye on the moonlight, the watch and the grave,
I feel like a hero with a day to save.

Don’t stop me, don’ wanna showdown.
Don’t stop me, I’m onna countdown. To (3 2 1)

Blast off. To the stars.
Blast off. To the moon.
Blast off. To the deserts and lagoons.
Blast off.

Bin holdin’ back, since the dawn of ma life,
time to shed ma inhibitions, catch a fallin’ knife.
With a soul mate to guide me, my word is my bond,
fire up the rockets, pass the stars and beyond.



Eyes wide open? Eyes wide shut?
Weighin’ on your conscience as if the rules are clear cut.

©18.10.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

Lucid life or dream? Feelin’ in control:

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