Born To Be A Number

Take a number, join the queue.
Tell ’em your name ‘n’ what you do.
What they give with the right hand, they take with the left
Every man is equal, save for the self-proclaimed best.

Born to be free – livin’ like a slave.
Born to be wild – but trapped in a cage.
Born to live – destined to die, when your number’s up.
You’re just a number …

Born to be a number!

Twelve hour day, twenty-four seven.
Life a livin’ Hell, for a promise of heaven.
They preach in the church, but honour the Beast.
You’re one meal from famine, they fornicate and feast.



Maybe your eyes will open, maybe you’ll stay asleep.
But your time’s running out, and they’re playin’ for keeps.


Bleak foggy knoll, hole in the ground
Your name in stone, but no-one around.
Your life is a nightmare, wakin’ in a cold sweat,
You’ve played by the numbers, but you’ve lost all the bets.



©18.7.2013 Andrew Robert Chapman

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