Breakin’ Up

You gotta list o’ scorn as long as your arm,
I’m bracin’ for the storm after the calm.
I gotta put old affection aside,
‘cos it’s gonna be one helluva ride.

An’ we think an’ we hope that we’re old enough,
that we’re not like the others when we end our love:

Breakin’ up.

We watched as dark clouds filled up our (blue) sky,
deep inside we both had (our) reasons why.
Kept on pretendin’ like nothin’ had changed,
till we reaped our self-sown hurricanes.



Maybe we can weather it (out) in one piece,
hold the cease fire and maintain armistice.
Come a long way since worship and adore,
but it don’t have to end in(na) nuclear war.

‘cos we can’t stay together,
so we gotta break apart.
Ain’t no use in reminiscing,
gotta make a new start.



©10.9.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

till we were reaped by self-sown hurricanes.
till we were hit by crossfire hurricane.
We watched drab, dark clouds fill up our blue sky,

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