Bring It On

Me ‘n’ time are at loggerheads,
I gotta bone to pick ‘n’ he wants me dead.
My lifelong plan “You gotta catch me first”,
now I’m tired o’ runnin’, so do your worst.

Cats eyes guard me in the pitch of the night,
a blade an’ a gun always at my side.

Bring it on.

Hellion days distant memories,
fought my way up ‘n’ out o’ penury.
Iron fist in a velvet glove,
a pinch of heartache, a good dose of tough love.



Hit me, hurt me, do your best:
Your just stirrin’ up a hornet’s nest.

Stayed out of trouble, kept my nose clean
that don’t mean I’m some weak killer queen.
No chink in my armour, kept my guard up,
rollin’ with the punches, welcome to the club.
Fleet of foot



©30.4.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

a blade an’ a gun an’ I’m ready to fight.
that don’t mean I’m weak, don’t mean I’m a queen.
that don’t mean I’m weak nor a killer queen.

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