Cluster Fuck

Loosely based on Billy Talent – Surprise Surprise

They got you hypnotised,
got you in a deep sleep.
They got you comatised,
got you under real deep.
They got you so far down,
you may never wake up.
Try to open your eyes,
to the cluster fuck.

You can’t see the bonds, you can’t feel the chains.
But you know you’re not free, so you must be enslaved.

It’s a cluster fuck – ‘cos they sold you the lies.
It’s a cluster fuck – when you open your eyes.
It’s a cluster fuck – ain’t nothin’ you can do.
It’s a cluster fuck – yeah, ain’t that the truth?
It’s a cluster fuck – a cluster fuck.

Got you followin’ rules,
that they change every day.
Say you’re living your life,
doing things their way.
Think of those wasted years,
you’ve been down on your luck.
And there’s no way out,
it’s just a cluster fuck.



Keep you calm on the outside,
but you’re ragin’ within.
They got your name and number,
own your tattooed skin.
You don’t scream and shout,
you daren’t break their laws.
A millennium rebel,
blind to a lost cause.



©29.10.2014 Andrew Robert Chapman

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