Cleansing The Herd

Our drinking water is unclean, we’re overdosing oestrogen:
Young boys effeminated.
They are poisoning our food, slowly, slowly, sly and shrewd:
Their cull well orchestrated.

Controlling the masses with fear as the whip.
Take your medication I’m onna red-pill trip.

They’re cleansing the herd.

Dictating what we should believe, pollute the very air we breathe:
Young girls now alpha ogres.
Contaminating our blue skies, choking on their climate lies:
They’re working hard on our game over.

Serums and vaccinnations, administered at birth.
Antigens inoculations, what is your child’s health worth?



Philanthropic psychopaths, will bleed from our blades of wrath.
For their sacking of our Eden.
When enough see what they’ve done, when push comes to bloody shove:
We will hang them for their treason.



©22.2.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

Denouncing all that we believe, pollute the very air we breathe.
Something nasty that I chewed, they are poisoning our food:
Our young boys mutate to girls.
They’re cleansing the herd.

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