You ate and ate, now you’re overweight, parading your flab around.
My how times change, unsettlingly strange, how you blend in with the crowd.
Your chubby-chums, all those fat-ass bums, need to taste the bitter truth!
Take a good hard look, at that fat run amuck, for there is no fountain of youth.

Gotta six Lurpak and man-boob rack, a modern-model of new-male beauty.
You’ve got a great dadbod, if you were sixty-odd, but you’re in your mid-twenties!


You were sold the lie, you ate everyone’s pie, a young life fed beyond measure.
Let them eat cake! Yeah, with giant milkshakes – aged ten running high blood pressure.
Now you’re in your prime, but in ten years time, livin’ with type 2 diabetes.
Go on, stuff your face, you’re a fat disgrace, but the perfect useless eater.



©21.3.2016 Andrew Robert Chapman

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