Daisy Chain

I got time on my hands, I got coin to spare,
I’m too young to die, too old to care.
I’m lookin’ to roll, I’m lookin’ to rock,
lookin’ forra face that’d stop a clock.
It’s my lucky day, they’re chargin’ by the hour,
I can turn off the charm, forget the flowers.
Once in a blue moon, not a moment too soon,
looks like it’s gonna be a good afternoon.

She’s wearin’ nothin’! She’s wearin’ less!
She’s onner knees so be my guest.

Daisy chain.
Daisy chain. My balls anaa
daisy chain. I’m jerkin’ their(they’re-a)
daisy chain. Come again.
Daisy chain.

Seems like a nice day, to go along for the ride.
Sometimes it’s more fun, out on the sidelines.
Keep ya nose down where the sun don’t shine,
no pleasin’ some, no matter how hard ya try.

I’ve overdosed before but it’s worth the pain.
I’m on my last legs but I’ll do it again!


I done more than my fair share of spadework.
Never even invited to a circle jerk.
Now I got the chance to enjoy the “artwork”.
All the perks.



©8.11.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

roll me over – in the clover clamps.

Not a moment to lose, not a moment too soon,
I’m on my last legs, but I’m still alive,
I’ve overdosed before an’ I’m not sure why.
she’s gotta face that’d stop a clock.

waist chain. I’m pullin’ her
waist chain. My balls and her
waist chain. I’m jerkin’ her
waist chain. She’s completely off the
waist chain.

waist chain. Finest gold.
Waist chain. Like a centrefold.
Waist chain. tho’ the stories old.
Waist chain. it’s gotta be told.

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