Dead Men Tell No Tales

The long arm’s got a lot of sticky fingers./taken the law in its own hands.
You’re on thin ice, and they’re thick as thieves.
Lined you up, but they’re all dead ringers.
Fear for your life, as another rat squeals.

Did he jump, or was he pushed?
Open-and-shut or all hush-hush?
Suicide or third degree?
Wrong time, wrong place? It wasn’t me!

Dead men tell no tales.

The mob’s out and they’re comin’ t’getcha!
Runnin’ scared, don’t know who you can trust.
No more choices, backed you into a corner.
You can lie like a dog, or scratch like a cat.



Laws amended, ignorance is no excuse.
Take the fifth, but they’ve recorded your crimes.
Take the oath, but you know it’s no use.
No thinking allowed, yeah you’re gonna do time.

©18.7.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman
Can’t put your best foot forward,
when you haven’t got a leg to stand on.

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