Doves Cry

Put a smile on my face, to hide the hurt in my heart.
It seems like an age, since we drifted apart.
My life’s lost it’s colour all I’m feelin’ is blue.
No matter how hard I try there’s nothin’ I can do.

While I was waitin’, life passed me by.
The joy is the journey, too late I learned why.

Why doves cry.

I never shed a rogue’s tear, or cried over spilt milk.
Wrapped you up in velvet, cocooned you in soft silk.
You wandered and strayed, but it was bound to be my fault,
twisted a knife in my wounds and poured on the salt.



You can beat down my spirit,
beat down my soul.
Flail off my flesh and torture my whole.
As you destroy my future,
erase my past,
each moment in the present is nearer my last.



©13.5.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

The dove is immortalized as a symbol for unconditional love and purity.

Wrapped up in velvet, cocooned in shieldin’ silk.
You wandered and strayed, but it was my stupid fault,
each moment in the present I doom to my mind’s cast.

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