Fight Back

Given you the options, bullet or a rope.
Backed you in a corner, got no place to go.
Conform in your behaviour, line’s too heavy to tow.
Jump on our bandwagon, time you just said no.

Don’t take the shit, that they dish out.
Raise your voice. Scream and shout!

Fight back, right back!
Kick and punch and bite back.
Show your teeth.
Show your claws.
Draw some blood,
claim what’s yours.
Fight Back.
Fight Back.

You’ll like it or you’ll lump it, say yes when you mean no.
“Just shut up and do it!” They like everything just so.
Got to follow the crowd, going with the flow.
Final ultimatum? Then let the whole world know.



Give you no choice at-all, do they think they’re so macho?
At their beck and call, fetch-and-carry to-and-fro.
Got you going crazy, and they don’t like your tone?
Enough of their commanding, demand some quid pro quo.



©29.7.2011 Andrew Robert Chapman

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