Flying Solo

Jacket off, alone under control
Ev’rything’s prepared and ready to roll.
My objective’s clear and in plain sight.
My power plant’s warmed-up, oiled and primed.
So chocks away and enjoy the ride.

I’m flying solo
-joystick firm in my hand.
I’m flying solo
-Don’t need you there, please understand.
I’m flying solo
-Up in the clouds, I’m in command.
I’m flying solo
-I just don’t want to come – in to land.
-I”m gonna have to come – in to land
-Now I’ve gotta come – in to land

Start nice and easy, like ev’ry time.
Hand-over-fist, hard-and-fast, enjoy the rise.
Naturally know what I’m goin’ to do.
Banking on a sensation, not missing you.
No stalling today just pilot the blue.

I’m lookin’ at a beautiful (h)airstrip!


My flight of fancy-free-and-easy
On the final approach, no stopping me
Start to lose control, joystick jerks in my hand
so touch down hard in the promised land
Feel the relief as it comes to an end.


©28.1.2011 Andrew Robert Chapman

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