————— NOTES ——————-
The song took about a week to write and perfect, although it was the last verse which took to lion’s share of time. The original idea for the song was from the phrase,
“You must’ve been flying solo a lot?”
from the first series of the British comedy series “Coupling”.

The song’s overlying theme is of a pilot who is taking their first solo flight (flying solo), the underlying theme is of a man who is masturbating himself (flying solo). The lyrics are packed with double entendres which are, for the benefit of non-native English speaking people, explained below (OL=Overlying story UL=Underlying story).

Jacket off, alone under control.
[OL: “Jacket off”=Taking a jacket off gives the impression of getting ready for work/concetration, “alone”=solo “under control”=in contact with the control tower]
[UL: “Jacket off”=also sounds like ‘jack it off’, which is also a slang for male-masturbation “alone”=implies himself “under control”=in a planned manner]
Ev’rything’s prepared and ready to roll.
[OL: The aircraft has been checked and is ready to taxi]
[UL: Everything necessary has been prepared and “ready to roll”=ready to start]
My objective’s clear and in plain sight.
[OL: “My objective’s clear”=The flight plan is completed “and in plain sight”=visible]
[UL: “My objective’s”=The inspiration for the act (for example pornography) are “clear”=well defined “and in plain sight”=visible]
My power plant’s warmed-up, oiled and primed.
[OL: Aircraft engine is warm, oiled and “primed”=ready for use]
[UL: The penis is “warmed-up”=ready, “oiled”=suitably lubricated and “primed”=filled with blood]
So chocks away and enjoy the ride.
[OL: “chocks away”=remove the tyre wedges]
[UL: Literally “So lets remove the stops, get started and “enjoy the ride”=enjoy the experience”]

Start nice and easy, like ev’ry time.
[OL: Begin slowly and relaxed, just like all the times before]
[UL: As OL, whereas “start”=jerk (slang for masturbate)]
Hand-over-fist, hard-and-fast, enjoy the rise
[OL: “Hand over fist”{expression}=’Quickly and continuously’ “hard and fast”{expression}=’resolutely/rigidly adhered to’. The line should be construed as working quickly and continuously, adhering to a rigid (flight) routine, never-the-less enjoy the “rise”=the feeling of the aircraft rising in the air/flying]
[UL: “Hand over fist” combined with “hard and fast” aims to convey the physical act of male masturbation – hands/fists/hard (penis and pornography) and fast (stroking action). “enjoy the rise”=enjoy the feeling from the rising (penis)]
Naturally know what I’m goin’ to do.
[OL/UL: Instinctively know what to do]
Banking on a sensation, not missing you.
[OL: “Banking”=the action of an aircraft turning “on a sensation”=on a feeling/emotion (implying the turn is natural (as with an experienced person) as opposed to the mechanical movements of a novice. “not missing you”=not noticing the abscence of the flying instructor.]
[UL: “Banking on a”{expression}=’hoping for a’ “sensation”=thrill, “not missing you”=not missing the sexual partner.]
No stalling today just pilot the blue
[OL: “No stalling today”=there won’t be any problems with the flight (like stalling the aircraft), “just pilot the blue”=just fly through the blue (sky)]
[UL: “No stalling”{expression}=’no delaying’, “just pilot the blue”=navigate/steer through the “blue”=indecent (pornography)]

My flight of fancy-free-and-easy
[OL: “fancy free”{expression}=’to be able to do as one pleases’ “easy”=simple/unchallenging]
[UL: “flight of fancy”{expression}=’free use of imagination’ “fancy free”{expression}=’not in love’ “free and easy”{expression}=’casual and relaxed’.]
On the final approach, no stopping me
[OL: “On the final approach”=descending towards the landing strip, “no stopping me”=I can’t fail]
[UL: “On the final approach”=the last moments before an orgasm, “no stopping me”=reaching the point of no return (no possibility of stopping (the orgasm).]
Start to lose control, joystick jerks in my hand
[OL: Literal]
[UL: “lose control”=bodily functions (orgasm) takes control. “joystick”=euphemism for penis.]
so touch down hard in the promised land
[OL: “touch down hard”=aircraft lands heavily “the promised land”{expression}=’longed for place of contentment’ used here as ‘just glad to get back on the ground’]
[UL: “touch”=feel “down”=below “hard”=stiff “the promised land”=euphemism for genital area.]
Feel the relief as it comes to an end
[OL: “Feel the relief”=Feel thankful “as it comes to an end”=that the flight has ended.]
[UL: “Feel the relief”=Feel the happiness “as it (penis) comes (cums) to an end”=as the orgasm finishes.]

—————— Unused

the sky’s the limit (
Up in the clouds (out of touch with reality)
Spin (out a story / a yarn/lie)
Yoke (yolk) (bound to .. / egg)
No turbulence
under carriage lowered
the prop’s (propellers / prop (help))


I’m strapped in and ready to roll
I’m all prepared and ready to roll
Ev’rything I need is under control

got the target in my view / my intention plain in view / my objective comes into view/in plain sight

Got it up straight and true without a hitch
Rising up fast, straight and true
Get it up, straight and fast, feelin’ the rise.
Rising up, hard [prn] but smooth, feelin’ the rise

Know everything I need to do
banking on (a) intuition (turning on / relying on)
Banking on a sensation thinking of you

Descend to low levels, hand’s busy with work
Last check of the gear, flaps and props
Check the flaps one more time, land with a jerk
Start to lose control, joystick wants to break free / wrestling with me / breaks from my grip / jerks from my grip / jerks in my grip
Feel the relief as I come to a stop

Start to lose control, joystick jerks in my hand /every way /disarray/back-and-forth
so touch down hard in the promised land / x x x x x
x x x come my way

Feel the relief as I come into my own
Feel the tension fall, as I come to an end
Feel the relief as I come to a stop

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