Fool Forever

For all the world to see, it’s hidden in plain sight.
But you can’t open your eyes, bin trying all your life.
You’ve got no time for yourself, no time to spit.
But you’d better wake up soon, ‘cos this is it.

Better one day early, than forever late.
Better a fool for a day, than a fool forever.
Better a moment too soon, than a lifetime too late.
Better a fool for you, than a fool forever.

Fool forever.

I can’t see too good, people call me old and bitter.
Only hear what I want, and I’ve been much fitter.
You can settle for this, you can settle for less.
Strike while the iron’s hot, ‘cos this is it.

I’ve been cocky and young, I’ve sown my wild oats.
My bloodied hands have written, scores of romantic notes.
I’ve fought for pride and honour, I’ve broken hearts and bones.
I got skeletons in cupboards, fighting to come out of the unknown.

©29.12.2013 Andrew Robert Chapman

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