Gimme More!

Buyin’ their lies and fraud, as a good consumer should.
Melted our brain like slush, in the first hot summer sun.
Vows and worthless promises, to break a debtor’s chains!
All toothless paper tigers, all worthless paper claims.

I gotta shedload o’ jetsam a shitload o’ flotsam,
Fuckin’ awesome!

Gimme more!

I’m madder than a ragin’ bull, bleedin’ blood ‘n’ guts.
Seein’ red through blindin’ rage, driven me fruit-an’ nuts.
So crazy you can watch me stoop and pick the pennies up,
the steam-roller crushin’ one an’ all, ‘cos we ain’t in the club.



“No one saw it coming!”
The Mockingbirds sing loud.
The greatest heist in history
before a mushroom cloud.



©20.6.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

the steam-roller crushin’ those/close behind, was he pushed or did he jump?
the steam-roller crushin’ those/close behind, ‘cos we ain’t in the club.
behind a mushroom cloud.

And no one saw it coming?
Blind overpaid “rock stars”.
But they’re clever enough to hide,
before they’re feathered and tarred.

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