(Gonna Have A) Happy Christmas

This year (I’m) gonna have a happy Christmas,
got ma presents wrapped up under the tree.
This Yule, I won’t be no fool,
hold on to you tight, just you an’ me.

I got nothin’ more to lose, I’ve got everything to give,
from the bottom of my heart you’re the reason why I live.
You’re the love of my life, my harbour in a storm,
my partner, my friend, my heart, my one and all.

each ‘n’ ev’ry hour, just you an’ me.

Spent too much of my life, searchin’ high and low,
‘n’ I finally found ya waitin’ under the mistletoe.
I stole a kiss. You stole my heart!
But I’d give it you anyway, till death do us part.

not gonna let you go, just you an’ me.

Seems like ev’ry Christmas, I was on my own,
the rest of the world with friends an’ fam’ly at home.
Lights ‘n’ decorations, carols an’ good cheer!
This year I saw your smile, kissed your lips an’ I knew that (this year

gonna gift you my time, just you an’ me.

©26.12.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

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