Meter Verse
Meter Chorus
This song is based on the widely held belief that men age better than women and Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray character, whose aging process was transferred to a portrait, whilst he remained at the same physical age. Both the name of the author (Oscar Wilde) and the name of the character (Dorian Gray) account for the apparent mis-spellings in the title and chorus.
The song also implies that men retain their good looks in advancing years via a vampire-like quality which allows them to feed off the youth of young girls (which also ties in with the widely held belief that middle-aged men surround themselves with the company of younger women). This quality leaving the young girls prematurely sapped of their youth – thus accounting for the widely held belief that women age more quickly, and much worse, than men.

The first verse was created from a single moments inspiraton. The second verse also followed quickly. After several months of inctivity, the third verse and chorus were added and minor changes made to the second verse.

———- DISCARDS———-

Silently sap your girlhood

And when you exude no more
They will move on and leave you

While Wilde Gray paintings age and crack /rot / spoil / fester / perish / decay
portraying all the stolen time/years
So face the truth and face the facts
portraying stolen years from way back
Our memories with truths is stung
Our mem’ries with home truths is stung

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