Hangin’ Around

Can never forget her first introduction,
comes from the East, dwells in a dungeon.
Got one eye on her curves, one on her cleft.
I ain’t no wizard but what happened next,

deep in her chamber, wearin’ my smile.
Bound, blindfolded, gagged and tied.

(I’m just) Hangin’ around.

Focused and frosty feel the tools/force/sting of her trade,
fettered and tethered in her escapade.
Even Houdini would have met his match,
another insider job another perfect snatch.



©17.9.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

Unforgettable unique introduction,
it’s a lot of hard work, but a perfect snatch.
has the same amount of syllables as tyranosaurus rex (extramarital sex).
Bound, blindfolded, tied and gagged,
wearin’ a smile and marine dog-tag.

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