Hard As Steel

She’d got her foot wrapped ’round the doorknob, her tip-toe on the floor.
She was tellin’ me to stop, her eyes were beggin’ me for more.
This was the stuff of dreams an’ legend, a real-life fantasy!
I’d gotta pinch myself till I screamed, this never happens to me.

Pinch me, pinch me, this can’t be real.
Soft to the touch ‘n’

hard as steel.

The story of my limp love life is fifty shades of crazy,
I held the cards but basically was just too god-damned lazy.
Waited around and watched the rest, now hear my last hurrah!
I’m workin’ hard thru girl next door to ev’ry hard-porn star.

She’d got her mouth wrapped ’round my jawbreaker/choker, she was naked on her knees.
I was pushin’ hard an’ deeper, her eyes a mascara mess of tears.
This was the stuff of dark pornography, an’ I was centre stage,
spent my youth in self-denial/non-indulgence, time for my golden middle age.



©11.9.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

You’re as young as the lady that you feel.

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