Here I SIT and plan all day.
Found reLIGION, learnt to pray
that you’ll FIND it in your heart
to give our love a new start.

I could depEND upon your love,
just like the RIsing of the sun.
Then I aWOKE one fateful day,
to find my sun had gone away,
and now there’s NO light in my life,
cry MYSELF to sleep at night.
EveryTHING still has your smell,
I can’t stand this self-made hell.
And I’m CHOking deep inside,
drowning FROM the tears I’ve cried.
If I’m TRAPped in a nightmare,
pinch or punch me I don’t ca-are.
Want to ESCAPE this heartache pain,
want to KISS your lips again.
God I’d KILL to turn back time
Just to know that you’re still mine.
Desparately LOOKing for some light
But no TUNnels are in sight.
A small PART of me blames you,
but I can’t hide from naked truth.
Staring DEEP in mirrored eyes,
force mySELF to analyse.
Little THINGS amassed to stacks,
straws that broke the camel’s back.
So who AM I trying to kid?
Ashamed of ALL the things I did.
Spat at YOU those spiteful words,
jealous accusing was absurd.

Ba-a-a-by, I miss you so….o

So I SIT and plan all day.
Lost reLIGION but still pray,
that you’ll forGIVE me in your heart.
Please give our love a new start.

©13.5.2011 Andrew Robert Chapman

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