Heavenly Body

| Still breathless with a || vision ‘fore my eyes
angelic curves beauty divine
moves in a way which | can’t be described;
flying straight right | in my mind;
my dreams. My God! I’m blinded by

| the vision,
| the beauty,
| the heavenly body.
| Had to wait all of my life.
| Gonna hold on to

this heavenly body.
| Heavenly body – | not go’n’ t’let go – just close my eyes though.

| Heavenly body – my guiding light.

| Just pure virtue, || beguiling, smiling
countenance forgives me my sins.
| Won’t leave my side, | deceive or lie,
|| forever safe under her guarding
wings and brings everything in order.

| My Goddess, my diva,
| my heavenly body.
| Protect and support me | should I falter.
| Holding on tight to

my heavenly body.
| Heavenly body – | won’t ever let go – so close my eyes to.

| Heavenly body – don’t wanna lose you.

|| Sharp throes, blood flows, shocked soul reinstated
jaded sight crashing noise invades
|| ears and brain, senses alive again
my loved one’s tears rain | in my face
tenderly wake but they take away

| my angel, my vision.
My heavenly body
| still comforting me and holding on
| to me, as always

| my heavenly body.
| Heavenly body – | won’t let me go so close my eyes too.

| Heavenly body – she held on through and through.

©13.12.2011 Andrew Robert Chapman

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