Here We Go

Five days down, it’s Friday night,
Ahm parched with coin to spend.
Line ’em up, let the juice(spice) flow,
we’ll blow it this weekend.
My head hurts, from too much work,
or maybe too much drink.
I don’t know, ‘cos here we go
ain’t got no time to think.

Away from the TV’s endless sorrow,
we’re drinking like there’s no tomorrow.

Here we go! Here we go!
Line ’em up and let the juices flow.
Here we go! Here we go!
Knock ’em back and enjoy the show!

Happy days, inna drunken haze,
it’s my idea of heaven.
Me ‘n’ th’ boys, makin’ some noise,
turned it right up to 11.
Throw a round, knock ’em down,
keep up or lose face.
Drown y’ woes, like fuckin’ pros,
to glory or disgrace.

Away from the rattle of your old bag,
quick taste of freedom’s well worth her flak.


We only beat a retreat,
when bells ring and barrels dry.
But we’ll be back next week:
We’ll be back till we all die.

Mornin’ breaks, the rat-race wakes,
feelin’ slightly worse for wear.
Tired limbs, it’s sink not swim,
back to mis’ry an’ despair.

Before we’re sober, before we’re dry,
we’ll club together on a Sunday night.


©17.6.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

got coin enough to spend.
got thirst ‘n’ coin to spend.
can’t spare no time for thinking.
the taste of freedom’s worth a week’s naggin’.
quick taste of freedom’s worth a week’s naggin’.

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